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Making fashion more sustainable

A little movement each day adds up the big results. At Rosemunde, we take a proactive stance in bettering our industry and reducing our environmental impact. Therefore, we are focused on and committed to a more sustainable production and on reducing waste in all forms. 


Sustainable clothing for women

At Rosemunde, we design and create clothes in high quality materials that can last season after season. We offer you wardrobe classics, which you can take out of your closet season after season. 

We would of course also like to appeal to our customers that you take good care of your clothes. This gives you the opportunity to use it again and again and pass it on to others when you do not need it anymore.

Recycled Polyester

Within our collections you will find styles in recycled polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles. With our recycled polyester, we follow responsible business practices and continuously look at ways to minimize our environmental impact.


Organic Cotton

Rosemunde is proud to present our organic clothing. The range is selected from our bestsellers and produced from organic cotton. Yarn used in Rosemunde's tops is certified organic cotton ensuring that the production of textiles meets a number of strict requirements. With our organic cotton styles you can expect the same quality and comfort that Rosemunde's clothes are known for offering you a luxury feeling – every day.



A new take from Rosemunde is the ECOVERO styles. The fabric is pleasent on the skin and breathable. The benefit of the fabric is that the styles offer 50% lover emission and less water impact than generic viscose.


Vegan bags

We have 4 annual vegan bag collections. The bags are PVC free, do not contain any leather and are free of any animal-derived products. A vegan bag reduces co2 emission in production and is an item we have actively worked with to continue to reduce our carbon footprint.


Long-lasting styles

At Rosemunde, we design and create clothes in high quality materials that can last season after season disregarding seasonal trends and thus remain a classic must-have in our customer’s wardrobe for many years to come. With clothes from Rosemunde you can therefore think long term and long-lasting.

We offer wardrobe classics that you can take out of your closet over and over again. Finally, we would like to appeal to all that you take good care of your clothes allowing you to use it again and again passing it on to others when you do not need it anymore.



Rosemunde has for many years worked closely together with our suppliers. To ensure the best collaboration, we visit the production offices around the world annually to ensure a safe and equal working environment. As we continue our journey to become more sustainable, we are also together with our suppliers looking into finding the most planet-friendly solutions in relation to shipment, materials and packaging. We use plastic packaging for our online orders, but just recently we have made these bags smaller and the use of unnecessary plastic is gone.



At Rosemunde, we want to transport our goods in the most planet-friendly way. To transport our goods, we have chosen to use sea transport, as we believe that this is the most environmentally friendly way of transporting our goods.  


Low claim rate

We have low claim rates – therefore we use only few resources on returning items. This goes well with using less energy.


Stock situation

Rosemunde works with low stock. We have much focus on not producing more products than we need. For instance, Rosemunde never invites to Stock Sale because we do not carry enough stock and therefor do not have to offer this to our customers.