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If you wish to preserve colours, stabilty and smoothness of the yarn Rosemunde recommends that you wash it carefully using special detergents designed for the particular material of the product. Always follow the recommended washing instructions of the product. Never exceed the recommended washing temperature and if possible avoid machine wash as it imposes unnecessary wear on the product. To assure a long life to your Rosemunde products we recommend that you only wash them by hand and never use a tumbledryer.



100% cotton can be machine washed at 40 degrees celsius. It can be tumble dried and should be ironed at high temperature.


Cotton & Silk

Silk and products containing silk should always be hand washed with special detergents containing proteines in order to preserve the shine and smoothness of the silk. If you wish to centrifugate the wet silk in your washing machine you should put it in a washing net/bag in order not to damage the silk. Silk is more vulnerable when wet. Silk/Cotton should air dry and only be ironed at very low temperatures.



Wool mixtures are vulnerable and delicate. This means that you should always wash these by hand at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees celsius.

Always wash with a special detergent designed for wool products. After wash the water must be squeezed out. This is done by placing the product on a towel and roll up the towel with the product being inside. Continue this process until as much water as possible has been squeezed out. Then the product must dry on a flat surface. Never use a hanger to dry the product – this will leave marks at the shoulders due to the rather heavy weight when wet.



Cashmere should be washed as wool – see description above. Cashmere will through normal use generate small filaments – sometimes called peeling. This is due to yarn touching yarn and is most often seen under the arms and on elbows. It is a natural process and should not be seen as a lack of quality. Peeling can be removed by using a specially designed wool shaver which shaves off the small filaments. For a standard cashmere blouse you should expect to shave it down 2-3 times before it stops generating filaments.